Time is all about captured moments, you can’t hold time but you can capture the moments for future so that moment will wow your heart tomorrow and last forever. ‘Shor In The City’ comes with an ‘out of the box’ idea by setting up an archive for all you indelible days/time spent with your loved ones while attending events and parties, from comprehensive meeting to big fat wedding.

‘Shor In The City’ is a full-fledged event website, striving to capture unparalleled event experiences. Our established processes ensure a seamless flow of work from beginning to end. We break barriers for you and take care of everything and go that extra mile to get your pictures/videos and share it with you.

Although based in Lucknow, our capabilities go beyond national and international events. Our expertise transcends sectors, from Local, IT, Government to National and International, we are here to mark it as a website that exceeds expectations.

Each event is a unique experience that always attends to the guests’ comfort and we sense that you want to relish that time with your loved ones but many-a-times, we overlooked to capture it and later regret but now the trend is change, So, let’s change the culture too, if you can find out your daily used things online then, why not get all events pictures/videos at one place. We are here to make you available all the pictures of the upcoming and previous events at the one spot.

We truly believe anything can be accomplished given creativity, innovation, and an enthusiastic team. We are the experts in converting your sophisticated, Personal, Memorable moments into wow moments for you and evoking emotion. We incorporate originality and creativity to enhance the event experience, and capturing inspiring, exhilarating celebrations for you. We’re flexible, fast, responsive and reliable and we always bring a fresh perspective.

We are here to touch thousands of lives!

You celebrate moments; we are here to make it memorable forever!